The App

The App

So what is this 365 Photo King app and why would I want it?

Fundamentally, the app solidifies your understand of light and the exposure triangle, and then it’s a creativity generator for your brain!

This app amplifies your knowledge of photography while enhancing both your skills in creating amazing shots under any condition and talent to capture profoundly amazing compositions.  The app does all of this while encouraging you to practice by rewarding you for your efforts.  How can you go wrong?

Image being able to quickly and easily create amazing photographs of your friends with any camera and nearly any condition!  This app provides a random exposure setting each day to put you into lighting situations you may not experience everyday and in turn letting you explore the opportunities for creativity in each.

Talk to any wedding photographer and ask them the range of lighting situations they have to contend with and all of them will say, “Bright sun, dim church, dark reception hall!”  Even the casual photographer on vacation can relate to each of these situations; now imaging being able to comfortably make exposures in each with creative flare!

Additionally, the app provides you a subject theme each day and a tried and true design element to practice with.  After just a few assignments, you will notice that in your everyday photos you are seeing those design elements flowing into your compositions.  More importantly, you will notice your friends and family raving over your images more and more!



Have you exposed today?

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