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So how does this app work? A quick walk through to help get the most out of the app.

Each day you will start out with this assignment screen that gives you the 3 points of the exposure triangle to set your camera to, a design element, and a subject theme.

Assignments Page

(assignment screen)


Once you’ve taken your photo, make sure to press the “Complete” button if you have the paid version so you can log your photo and information.  If you have not downloaded the photo from your camera yet, don’t worry, you can upload it later.  But, you do need to hit the complete button and fill out the basic information requested for your notebook.  Plus, this gives your credit for completing the assignment and points toward your journalist rank and badges, but we’ll get to that soon!



(completion screen)

This is your notebook entry, you don’t have to write a novel about each exposure, but you can keep track of which camera you used, the lens, the type of light you used, a few keywords (Perhaps about the subject or technique you utilized) so you can find it later, and some basic notes about what you learned.  Later, this information will be great to refer to when you want to try something similar. If you have your photo available, this is a great time to load it so you know you have it.


Now that you’ve completed the assignment for the day, you can check out your stats on the “JOURNALIST” page.


statistics bar

(Navigation bar)


This page tracks your completed assignments, awards you with participation ranks, highlights your most captured assignments, and provides you with a community and local standing if you’re interested in how much competition you have out there?


(Journalist page)


Finally, by pressing the “View Stat” button, you will see your yearly progress.  It’s always an amazing learning tool to do a “365,” where you take a photo everyday for a complete year.  You learn so much about photography and yourself!  Unfortunately, life can get in the way and a full 365 can be difficult to achieve and stay motivated to perform.  No worries, this app tracks your progress!  If you only do 25% of the year this year, just shoot for 35% next year!


(Progress statistics)

Speaking of staying motivated!  As you complete assignments, you will earn badges to help keep you driven to succeed and practice more.  You guessed it!  The earned badges will show up in the badges area.  Badges have multiple levels, so expect to see bronze, silver, and gold awards for each.



Next is the Notebook, this is your gallery of photos and information to reflect on some of your assignments.  You can slide the screen side to side to see your images or search for specific words if you’re in a hurry.  This is when the information you added on a daily basis starts to pay off as you can see trends in which camera you like to use (if you have more than one), or what happened when you tried different lenses, and of course, how the photos turned out using different light sources and styles.  If you weren’t able to load your day’s photo previously, just tap the “Tap here to upload” and get it in the notes.  This will become your treasure trove of knowledge and experience as your current skills continue to improve!




Furthermore, there is the Guide area that provides you with quick stop information about exposure and design.  Please read the WARNING as it discusses the danger of viewing intense lights through your camera, DON’T DO IT!  It also provides some techniques to still get the shots.

This app was built to be a “hand’s on, get out there and practice tool” rather than an encyclopedia of the same information you can get a million other books, magazines, videos, blogs, and one-on-one workshops, so I kept the information quick and easy. The time for ACTION is now!



(Guide book)

Lastly, if you click on the sprocket at the top right of the app screen, you can enter the setting screen.  This is where you can reach out to us for support, tell a friend (PLEASE! Sharing is caring! J), link to us on Twitter and Facebook, as well as control push notification of assignments to your phone, and finally manage Facebook post notification about your accomplishment to your friends.  Awards don’t come around very often in this game, so I recommend sharing when they happen!



If you need to get back to the assignment of the day, simply click the home button next to the setting button at the top.

(Home button)

Well, that’s our app!  I hope you enjoy it; we’ve put a lot of time and effort into providing a tool to help you grown in your art!  Please rate it and provide comments, we will work very hard to improve this service with any suggestions you may have, as your art is our priority!  Oh, and please share the app with your friends so they can rock some great photos as well!!





Have you exposed today?

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